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Deciding to get out of town and head to delightful Durango, Colorado is always a good idea. While this beloved vacation destination is the perfect place to settle in and restore the mind and senses, it’s also jam-packed with options for exploration and fun! In Durango, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of attractions to discover that showcase everything from history and nature to the best of entertainment, wildlife, exploration, and adrenaline-pumping fun. There’s truly something for every type of traveler in Durango and no shortage of options when it comes to attractions that will round out your itinerary in an unforgettable way.

Whether you spend time exploring historic downtown, adventuring through the San Juan National Forest, getting up close with wildlife, or making the most of time on the historic railways, it’s a place that promises to inspire. From time alongside the Animas River to moments spent wine tasting, exploring lands linked to the ancient past, or making the most of museum stops along the way, you’ll find that a trip to Durango is constantly brimming over with possibilities.

The Animas River

When it’s time to put the hustle of daily life to the side and explore somewhere new and exciting, there’s no place on the map quite like Durango, Colorado to inspire adventure. This scenic and inviting locale is known for its mountainous surroundings paired with Old West flair that balances out days of old with modernity seamlessly. Whether you’re one for shopping and dining your way through a stay or can’t wait to get into nature and explore, Durango has something for you. Among the many natural landmarks to be sure to check out is the ever-appealing Animas River.
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Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum

Durango is a delightful destination to visit no matter what your travel interests may be or when you find yourself up for a little adventure. However, for those with a passion for transportation history, the fact that Durango is a renowned train town is sure to inspire! While there’s much to do in the way of outdoor adventure, booking a ride on the Durango and Silvertown Narrow Gauge Railroad is a great way to get a comprehensive look at your surroundings while indulging in historical modes and styles.
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Durango Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Museum

Everyone needs a getaway now and then. When you’re up for an adventure and can’t wait to swap out the daily routine for entirely new surroundings, Durango, Colorado is a destination worth exploring. With Old West roots leading the way to fun, Durango is a place where the past, present, and the best of nature alike collide in seamless harmony. Visitors looking forward to exploring the great outdoors will find plenty of options to enjoy while Durango also caters to those looking to rest, relax, or shop and dine their way through a getaway. No matter what your itinerary entails, when you’re in town, make sure you set aside time to experience the Durango Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Museum at least once!
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San Juan National Forest

When it comes to planning a getaway that includes ample scenery, and options for outdoor fun, there’s something sensational about setting your travel sights on Durango, Colorado. Complete with a historic and bustling downtown, options for discovering unique railroads and making the most of mountain surroundings—visitors won’t want to overlook the one-of-a-kind adventure that awaits in the beautiful San Juan National Forest.
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Historic Downtown Durango

Pairing history with one-of-a-kind adventure and exploration is easier than ever for those travelers that make plans to make their way to beautiful Durango, Colorado. This modern marvel got its roots on the railroad and in the mines—both of which are wonderfully evident despite the passage of time. If you’re a traveler with a passion for pursuing the stories of the past and equally intrigued by modern restaurants and shops, coming to Durango, and checking out historic downtown promise to be a highlight of your stay.
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Animas Museum

Taking time to unwind, relax, and enjoy a great getaway to Durango, Colorado is always a good idea. Travelers headed this way have plenty of options for outdoor recreation and fun thanks to the mountains, valleys, and waterways that dominate the terrain. But beyond the natural beauty, Durango is also a destination rich in history and culture. Those excited to take a deeper dive into the city’s past will want to be sure to set aside time during their stay to check out the Animas Museum.
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James Ranch

While some travelers take time to visit Durango in the name of museum hopping, others come for the mountain scenery and access to outdoor fun. Rich in culture and history, Durango is a place where the past and present meet seamlessly and a great place to get a feeling for the Wild West approach to modern life is at the James Ranch. Whether you’re looking to dine in ranch style or you’re excited to tour the grounds of James Ranch in Durango, it offers up a chance to enjoy the best of it all the next time travel plans bring you to this scenic place.
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Pinkerton Hot Springs

Durango, Colorado is a vacation destination where travelers will find a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy with every visit. Whether you’re one for mountain hikes, biking, shopping, dining, or museum hopping, Durango has something wonderful waiting for you! Rich in history and culture, it’s also a place where nature offers up opportunities to relax in style. This is especially true if you make time to make your way to Pinkerton Hot Springs during a stay.
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Powerhouse Science Center

Travelers who make their way to Durango, Colorado often head here with itineraries in hand that focus heavily on outdoor recreation. While the terrain is sure to thrill, Durango is also a place with plenty of indoor fun to be found and among the intriguing options, the Powerhouse Science Center is at the top of the list! When you’re someone who is excited to learn more about history and science alike, a trip this way promises to inspire.
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Colorado Trail

Those heading to Durango, Colorado in the name of fun and looking for a connective and comprehensive route to adventure will find it on the iconic Colorado Trail.
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Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours

Making time to make your way to Durango, Colorado in the name of vacation fun is always worth a traveler’s while. While this lovely locale is packed with amazing dining stops, shopping experiences, historical landmarks and options to rest and relax in hot springs style, Durango is also an outdoor adventurer’s dream come true! When you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping fun to add to your itinerary, there’s no reason to leave anything off the list. While some visitors are excited to create their own self-led outdoor adventure, others might want to take a more guided route. For those visitors, time at Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours is bound to be an amazing choice!
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Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Whether you’re looking to unwind, indulge in luxury, or make the most of a tranquil moment at your very own pace, Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa has something appealing waiting for you.
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Mesa Verde National Park

When a trip to Durango, Colorado is on the calendar and you’re the type of traveler with a passion for rich history, a trip to nearby Mesa Verde National Park is a must! Here, the past comes to life in incredible architectural style, mesmerizing the mind and casting light on another way of life from once upon a time.
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