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Pinkerton Hot Springs

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Durango, Colorado is a vacation destination where travelers will find a variety of activities and attractions to enjoy with every visit. Whether you’re one for mountain hikes, biking, shopping, dining, or museum hopping, Durango has something wonderful waiting for you! Rich in history and culture, it’s also a place where nature offers up opportunities to relax in style. This is especially true if you make time to make your way to Pinkerton Hot Springs during a stay.

Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Attraction in Durango

Pinkerton Hot Springs is an oasis of thermal waters formed within natural rocks. It’s located just off of Route 550 no more than 20 minutes north of Durango on a road that’s commonly referred to as the Million Dollar Highway. The drive along the highway leading to Pinkerton Hot Springs is stunning, offering scenic views of mountains, valleys, and lush terrain as well. Keep your eyes open for the signs indicating a pullout area for parking at the hot springs. Before you travel further towards the waters, you’ll want to be sure to check out the plaques that cover the history of the area and how the Pinkerton hot springs formed over time.

Enjoy Soaking up the Tranquility at the Hot Springs near Durango

In 1875, this area was first established as a hot springs near Durango that lent itself to leisurely fun. Previously, the lands had been inhabited by the Utes. Today, those who visit benefit from the years of deposit layers that have led to striking formations around a central pool. While many visitors drop by just to take photographs of this pristine and dynamic landscape, there are also options to hop in for dip if you’re looking to warm up and relax. The waters here can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit but can fluctuate depending on the area of the pool guests choose to settle. Warm water flowing into the lower pools of the hot springs moves over the deposits and creates eye-catching carbonic bubbles as it slides over. The entire scene is fascinating and well worth visiting the next time your travel plans bring you to Durango.

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