Vacation is always a great time to unwind, relax and let troubles fall to the wayside in the name of fun. That said, there’s something particularly special about time away with family. Whether you’re a traveling crew that bonds over adventure or can’t wait to settle in and just enjoy the view and good company, Durango is a destination that’s worth a visit. When you’re looking for family-friendly accommodations to match your plans, the team at Durango Colorado Vacations has exactly what you’re searching for.

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Floorplans that Fit Your Family Needs

There’s nothing as exciting as a family getaway, but when it comes to comfort that caters to everyone’s needs, having a rental that’s as spacious as it is eye-catching is key to success. At Durango Colorado Vacations, we make sure the families that book with us always have access to property options that feature the finest of open concept designs. This makes it just as easy to enjoy time together in social spaces as it is to escape to the privacy of bedrooms and lounge areas when you’re craving tranquility far from the crowd.

Fireplaces That Bring You Together

Booking a stay near the mountains is sure to come with plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy the outdoor adventure. When the day comes to a close, having a rental that includes access to a cozy fireplace can make all the difference. The families that book a stay with us often find their home away from home comes equipped with fireplaces that bring everyone together in the name of comfortable and warm moments. Whether you’re sipping hot cocoa or just rehashing the details of the day, it’s a simple feature that can work wonders in the way of creating bonding time.

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Culinary Adventures Are Yours for the Enjoying

It’s true that Durango is a destination brimming over with savory stops that are worth enjoying, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your family is hoping to dine out each and every day of your stay. In fact, many families headed this way that are looking to stick to a budget will find the inclusion of a full kitchen in many of our rentals in Durango to be a lifesaver! It’s also just a wonderful alternative when a home-cooked meal would hit the spot. Take time to serve up the meal your family loves best while enjoying access to modern appliances, plenty of counter space, and frequently, cabinets that are already stocked up with the cookware and utensils you’ll need. Our full kitchens are refreshingly convenient and always give guests reasons to settle around the dining room table and enjoy a great meal surrounded by even better company.

Technology That Caters to Fun

Durango invites families to get out and discover and explore a landscape that’s filled with potential for fun. Our family-friendly rentals are designed to be just as inviting when there’s downtime to be enjoyed. While many families head this way to escape the hustle of daily life and really focus on time together, we know that doesn’t always mean complete disconnect is the goal. To that end, we make sure families have access to Wi-Fi or high-speed internet during a stay. This gives everyone the option to do their own thing when there’s free time including sending vacation photos to friends, checking in on social media, or keeping up with the news. Of course, if a family movie night is what brings you together, this is an option too! Many of our rentals are outfitted with large flat-screen television that makes for a perfect place to enjoy streaming the film or shows that everyone in your traveling crew loves.

Luxurious Extras

There’s no reason your family getaway can’t include a touch or more of luxury. Many of our rentals in Durango include access to private hot tubs, lake, and mountain views, as well as ski-in, ski-out options when your trip revolves around time on the slopes. Those families that can’t imagine a getaway without the company of a canine companion will love that our rentals also include pet-friendly amenities so there’s no reason for anyone in your group to miss out on the fun!

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Proximity to the Fun

When families come our way, it’s often to make the most of adventure and our rentals cater to the opportunities. We make sure families that book with us are kept close to the places they can’t wait to explore! Whether your itinerary includes a railroad tour or zipline adventure, a visit to Mesa Verde National Park, or the Durango Art Center, we’ve got you covered.

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There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy the best of a family getaway to Durango. When you want to be sure to have accommodations to match the fun, reach out to Durango Colorado Vacations and let our professional team take care of the details. We can’t wait to see you soon! Contact us today.