Experience some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders when you visit the Pinkerton Hot Springs in Durango, CO!  This fascinating spot is a must during your Colorado sightseeing adventures; you’ve likely never seen anything like it before in your life.  Learn everything there is to know about the Pinkerton Hot Springs and add it to your vacation itinerary today!
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What it Is

Hot springs are a result of melted snow and rainfall trickle down cracks in the Earth’s surface towards it core.  After travelling thousands of feet, it reaches a point where it can’t go any further, so it begins to move back upward, using its intense heat to dissolve rocks and anything else that hinders it.  However, scientists aren’t completely sure how the Pinkerton Hot Springs in Durango, CO, receive their heat, but they’ve narrowed it down to two reasons.  Either the water is simply becoming hotter as it circulates deeper into the Earth’s core, or it could actually reach magma, which gives off an even more extreme heat.

Where it’s Located

You can visit these natural springs near Durango, CO, traveling north off of Highway 550.  The Pinkerton Hot Springs are marked with a man-made rock pile that was created to be a safe place for the hot springs to discharge.  These rocks have grown colorful over time, due to the water’s minerals.  This water is a steamy 95 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so be careful when you touch it!

Pinkerton Hot Springs History

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this intriguing natural phenomenon is its history.  The Pinkerton Hot Springs was discovered by James Pinkerton in the 1800s, who decided to transform this mysterious gem into a travel destination.  People almost immediately began to flock to this spot, as this was a time when many believed that hot springs were a miracle cure and their waters possessed healing powers.  Pinkerton built a resort here, complete with a swimming pool filled with water from the springs.  Although it’s rumored that Marilyn Monroe stayed here at one time, the resort ultimately burned down.  Its remains served as a speakeasy in the 1920s, and today, the Colorado Timberline Academy sits on the land.  People still stop by during their Colorado travels to witness this strange and unique bit of this state’s history.
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