It’s a surprise to no one that skiing is one of the best things to do in Durango, CO, in winter. However, you may be surprised to learn that many locals prefer skiing in the spring rather than in the winter. Find out why Colorado spring skiing is favored around here!
There are plenty of fantastic places for Durango, CO, skiing, whether it’s Colorado spring skiing or wintertime excursions.

Take Advantage of the Great Colorado Spring Skiing

Ideal Snow Conditions

After an entire winter of powder accumulating atop the Colorado mountains, the snow is at its absolute deepest during the spring! While powder snow allows you to ski your fastest, deeper snow is better for helping control your speed and creates a kind of springboard for you to bounce over. The snow is usually at its deepest in mid-April. Although this is approximately when many ski resorts close, there are several that stay open until the beginning of May.

Fewer Crowds

Just as it may have been a surprise to you to learn that spring is a great season for skiing in Colorado, many other visitors are unaware of this prime skiing season. Therefore, if you want to ski when there are fewer people around, wait until after the holidays and travel to Colorado in the spring. Around mid-March to April is ideal; early March sometimes draws a large multitude of both families and students celebrating their spring breaks. You’ll be able to skip the lines and enjoy the best Colorado spring skiing at the least crowded time of year- right after the holidays and right before the summer break begins!

Perfect Weather

If you love skiing but prefer to do it in warmer weather, the Colorado spring skiing season is the best time for you! The average temperature from March to May is generally in the 50s and 60s with little chance of precipitation. Also, the gradually warming temperatures tend to start melting some of the snow, which quickens the rivers and streams of Colorado and creates fantastic conditions for other outdoor activities, such as white-water rafting. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Colorado skiing at one of the best times of the year; make plans to take a ski getaway this spring.

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