Is there anything better than winter in Durango, Colorado? It’s the time when our quiet mountain town turns into a wonderland of snow, winter sports, and fun events and festivals. One of the best winter events is the Durango Snowdown! Celebrate the season and bring some light to the long nights with this fun event. Be sure to book a rental home today to attend the 40th anniversary of this fantastic event.
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Durango Snowdown 2018 Dates

What to Know about Durango Snowdown

The Durango Snowdown is an annual event, spread all around the town of Durango, that features fun activities and things to do, all designed after a different theme that changes every year! The 2018 Durango Snowdown theme is “A Black Tie Affair.” The Durango Snowdown was originally created in the year 1979 to celebrate the winter season, which so many residents of Colorado love! The sun sinks below the mountains very early in the winter, so this event also provides locals with some fun to brighten up their dark days!

When and Where

This festival contains many events that are held in different locations throughout the Durango area. The Durango Snowdown 2018 dates are January 31 through February 4. Be sure to “Like” their Facebook page for the latest news on event details of the Durango Snowdown.

Why You Should Go

You will love the activities offered at the Durango Snowdown! With events like costume contests, trivia games, eating contests, drinking games, and a variety of different competitions, the Durango Snowdown is your place to go for never-ending fun. There will also be plenty of beer, as this delicious beverage is a staple of Colorado culture! (Did you know that Colorado is the home of craft brewing?) The main feature of this festival is the Snowdown Parade of Lights, which will include all kinds of decorated vehicles, floats, and even fireworks. This is the perfect sign-off to a great event! Come be a part of this highly-anticipated tradition that so many visitors and locals alike know and love!

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