Relishing time away from the hustle of life is a breeze for travelers who decide to spend time in scenic Durango. This historic destination that was once a thriving mining town retains its Wild West appeal while offering visitors access to a wide array of modern amenities, activities, attractions, and more year-round. No matter when you arrive, you’ll find Durango is a place where you can easily add one-of-a-kind museums, film screenings, savory stops, and shopping to the to-do list. Here’s why booking direct in Durango is better than Airbnb.

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Why Booking Direct in Durango is Better Than Airbnb

If it’s an outdoor adventure you’re after, you’ll find it all waiting for you here as well. Durango is a delightful place to spend time biking mountain trails, exploring ancient cliffside dwellings, or making the most of an afternoon of whitewater rafting fun! Access to the 126-mile-long Animas River also means visitors with a passion for casting a line will find endless reasons to get out and see what’s biting. It’s also a great watery route for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding on a warm summer’s day. Nearby Lake Nighthorse is a mecca for boating while rock climbing in Durango is an endless adventure for visitors as well! 

When you aren’t touring Mesa Verde National Park, you can embrace the best of local history with an unforgettable ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. For more than 140 years, this steam engine has been transporting passengers and goods through the San Juan Mountains, and depending on what season you arrive, you might be on time for a themed outing that’s fun for the entire family.  

No matter what it is that calls you to Durango in the name of vacation fun, having a vacation rental in place upon arrival that’s inviting, ideally located, and filled with convenient amenities to enjoy is a must. Options to customize your stay are important, and when you want to have more control over the experience ahead, how you book matters. Not understanding exactly what the disadvantages and advantages to different booking methods in the area can leave you stressed, spending more than necessary, and not focusing on the aspects of your trip you should be enjoying. If you want to make sure you have the peace of mind you deserve in place, we recommend taking time to look over these top reasons to move away from Airbnb and book direct instead the next time you’re in town. 

Booking Direct in Durango is Better Than Airbnb

Get the Best Price Possible on Your Rental

Far too often, booking your stay through Airbnb or another third-party website will leave you facing increased and even hidden fees that can take more than necessary out of your travel budget. In some cases, travelers will find third party booking sites like Airbnb asking for upward of 12% of the total cost in booking fees alone! When you would much prefer to spend your hard-earned cash on fun and adventure in Durango, booking your stay direct through a property management team like the one at Durango Colorado Vacations is always the right choice. 

Working directly with a property management team when you book direct means you’ll have all your questions regarding payment options answered by a live professional in real time. You can also rest easy knowing that if you have to make any changes to your reservation along the way, you’ll be able to go directly to the source with inquiries and options. Booking direct means your property management team will be tracking market analytics as well so you can know that the property you’re planning to stay in is enjoying a competitively and fairly priced listing for its market. 

Enjoy Secure Payment Processes

Moving away from Airbnb and towards options to book direct means you can relax when it comes to knowing your payment process is secure. Paying your fees directly to the source instead of a third-party vendor means you’ll be partnering with professionals who function on a platform of transaction transparency at all times. With third party booking sites, you really can’t be exactly sure how your payments are routed and if you need to adjust your plans or cancel, getting a refund can be next to impossible. When you book direct, you can speak to professionals as soon as you need to about your payment, confirm the payment process, and enjoy easy options when changes need to be made as well.  

You Can Enjoy Exclusive Deals

Booking your stay direct is a must for any traveler who has a passion for finding a great deal! Oftentimes, property management teams have options to offer exclusive deals that third party sites don’t make available to the public. Some of these deals might include specialized discounts depending on the property you select, or seasonal rates that are one-of-a-kind and priced competitively. You can even ask your property management representative about fun home upgrades that might be available when you book direct that aren’t always options when you choose Airbnb or other third-party booking sites. Because you’re working with local professionals when you book direct, you can also get insider information on any discounts available for local events, happenings, and activities in the area that will be on when you arrive. 

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Work with an Established Brand You Can Trust

Larger third-party sites aren’t always known for posting reliable property reviews or customer insight. When you book your stay in Durango direct through a property management team like Durango Colorado Vacations, you’ll have access to authentic customer feedback as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve partnered with an established brand you can trust. Because these property management teams are local, they’re built on a legacy of excellence in the area and have long-lasting relationships with local vendors. Being able to know with 100% certainty that your stay will be what it’s advertised as can make all the difference in your guest experience. 

You’ll Experience Top-Tier Customer Service

From the very beginning of the booking process to the day you depart your stay in Durango, booking direct means you can count on exceptional customer service standards. Unlike third party sites or mass outreach platforms like Airbnb, you’re never just a number in the system when you book direct. Instead, you’ll be working with a team of property managers who are dedicated to quality service over quantity. 

When you book direct, the customer care experience is far more personalized every step of the way. You work closely with professionals who know every detail of the home you’re interested in booking as well as the area you’re setting out to explore. They can answer questions day or night about your reservations or experiences you want to have while you’re in town and can put your mind at ease throughout the process. Whether you’re worried about fees or damage insurance, booking direct gives you a direct line of communication with property management. Everything you need upon arrival will be communicated to you clearly and efficiently and you won’t have to worry about any frustrating calls trying to get through to a real person to speak with. When you book direct, above and beyond hospitality is something you can always expect. 

Booking Direct in Durango is Better Than Airbnb

Enjoy Knowing Your Stay Supports Local Businesses

Traveling to Durango is always exciting but knowing that your trip is actively supporting local businesses can make it even more meaningful. When you book your stay direct, you’ll find that you’re investing in a local property management company that has long-standing relationships with local vendors and as a result, you’re contributing to the well-being of the local economy. Property management teams work hard to serve their local communities and partnering with them to make the most of your getaway is a win-win all the way around. You’ll enjoy a trip and stay tailored to your travel style and when you add suggested tours, experiences, and options to your itinerary, you’ll be further expanding your positive influence in the area.  

Every Resource You Could Need Is at Your Fingertips

Many travelers find that when they book through Airbnb or a third-party website, they’re more or less at the mercy of whoever or whatever program might be processing their information on the other end of the line. It’s fair to say that when it comes to these booking sites, getting the reservation in place is the goal and a lot after that is left to chance. That just isn’t the case for travelers who decide to book their vacation rental direct through a company like Durango Colorado Vacations. 

When you opt for this route, you’ll find you’re working with a local team that has a long list of homeowner and guest services in place that follow up every reservation. From 24/7 access to a customer service line to maintenance and cleaning services that are locally known and trusted, no matter what you need, you’ll have it readily available. Booking direct also means you can get personalized property insurance options in place during your stay and will have a clear and transparent understanding of all home regulations, rules, and expectations long before you arrive. 

It’s a Booking Option with an Emphasis on Sustainable Travel Standards

If you choose to book through Airbnb or a third-party site, you can’t always know with certainty that the home you opt to stay in meets the sustainable travel standards you’re hoping for. These days, more travelers than ever are taking steps to minimize their carbon footprint as they roam and when you book direct, you can confirm that the features you want in place to achieve this are there. That might be something as small as an electric car charger or as vast as a fully eco-friendly home with solar paneling throughout. No matter what your expectations may be, you want to know that your efforts are being validated in a home that authentically meets the standards it advertises it does. 

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Now is the very best time to book your Durango, Colorado adventure and when you do, make sure that you have a great team on your side and a fantastic property to enjoy by booking through Durango Colorado Vacations. We’re proud to provide our guests with a wide variety of rental homes in the area that not only keep them close to the places they can’t wait to explore, but showcase world-class amenities, features, and furnishings throughout. Whether you’re planning a solo trip this way, can’t wait to enjoy a romantic getaway for two or you’re spending time in Colorado with a group of family and friends, booking direct is the way to go when you want to know exactly what your experience will include. Our team is here to handle the details while you spend time focusing exclusively on the fun and adventure ahead.  

Booking Direct in Durango is Better Than Airbnb

When you book direct with us, you can partner with a team that’s been taking care of guests in the area since 2004 and has more than 30 years of combined experience to our name. We maintain the highest level of quality standards across our properties and are trusted by owners and guests alike. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to make sure you have everything you need to make it a truly memorable stay in Durango year-round. 

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Our multi-channel approach to marketing means you can easily find property options without our inventory that not only meets your travel needs but exceeds your expectations at every turn too. We always utilize dynamic pricing models so that guests who book direct have the most up-to-date and competitively priced options on the market. We’re fully committed to providing travelers with exceptional experiences from luxurious furnishings and features to the details that matter most like in-home welcome packets with everything you need in place to make sure stay stress-free. 

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