Looking for a thrilling adventure like no other you’ve experienced before?  Durango, a small mountain town in Colorado, contains all the ingredients for an exciting trip in the great outdoors.  In addition to its amazing parks and local attractions, this area is close to the famous Colorado Trail, a long-distance, winding path that stretches through 485 miles of picturesque scenery and breathtaking views.  This trail is an avid hiker’s dream; you’ll be able to see the gorgeous state of Colorado from an entirely different perspective as you climb and descend the various segments of this trail.  Learn how to plan a hike along the amazing Colorado Trail to help you start planning your adventure out West today!

3 Steps for Planning a Long-Distance Hike on the Colorado Trail

  1. Pack the Right Gear

The first important step of planning your Colorado Trail segments hike to is to bring all the essential equipment!  Make sure you bring along some good sunscreen; since you’ll be hiking at a higher altitude, the UV rays are more intense than usual.  Sunglasses, long pants, and long sleeves are recommended as well.  Always have plenty of water with you so you don’t become dehydrated and bring along a camera if you can to capture all the scenic sights you’ll be witnessing!

  1. Study the Colorado Trail Map

The Colorado Trail is divided into 28 different segments, so check the official map to see which ones you would like to explore, based on their levels of difficulty and natural features.  Although these many Colorado Trail segments vary in length, they can generally be hiked in one or two days.  Segments 24 through 28 are closest to the town of Durango, with Segment #25 being a particularly popular area.  Known as the Molas Pass to Bolam Pass Road, this segment features beautiful views of vibrant wildflowers, sparkling waterfalls, and the magnificent Engineer Mountain.  Take a look at the Colorado Trail map to get a better idea of these various areas and their many fine qualities and attributes.

  1. Check the Weather

Last but not least, be sure to thoroughly check the weather for the Colorado Trail segments you’re planning on hiking.  Generally, these areas are free of any snow, ice, or other dangerous conditions from mid-July to early September.  You can check the weather online, or, if you’re still uncertain, call the correct number associated with that trail segment.

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Photo by Maridav / Thinkstock