Everyone needs a dose of some quality rest and relaxation from time to time!  If you’re craving a break from your busy schedule, escape to the city of Durango, CO.  Not only can you enjoy some hiking in the fresh mountain air, but you can also visit one of the most deluxe spas ever: Trimble Hot Springs.  Located on grounds that were once the home of the ancient Puebloan people, these hot springs were rumored to have healing powers, causing a hotel to be built here in the late 1800s.  After suffering hard times and numerous renovations, Trimble Hot Springs is now a one-of-a-kind attraction.  This clean and comfortable hot springs and spa is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Discover some of the best services you can try at the Trimble Hot Springs in Durango, CO, and start planning your luxurious vacation today!

3 Amazing Things to Do at the Trimble Hot Springs in Durango, CO

1. Enjoy Incredible Spa Treatments

The spa at Trimble Hot Springs offers a wide range of wonderful treatments to get your body feeling brand new.  Choose from a list of services that include salt scrubs, hot oil scalp treatments, red clay wraps, and many others.  The Trimble Hot Springs has a talented team of therapists that use the finest materials to pamper your body.

2. Relax in the Sauna

Give your body a much-needed cleanse by slipping into the sauna at Trimble Hot Springs!  Not only does a session in a sauna clear up your skin and rid your body of toxins, but it also soothes any sore muscles and improves your circulation.  You’re guaranteed to feel great after spending some time in this deluxe sauna.

3. Melt away Stress with a Massage

Everyone needs a good massage from time to time, and you can receive a fantastic massage at the Trimble Hot Springs!  Choose from a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, then allow our professional staffers get to work and let the relaxation take over!  You can purchase a 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute massage.  If you’d like, you can soak in a private hot tub before settling down for a massage.
If you want to visit more hot springs in Durango, CO, visit the iconic Pinkerton Hot Springs, a Durango landmark!

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