Colorado is the ultimate destination for adventure. With so many incredible places to explore, you’ll never run out of incredible sights and attractions in this scenic state. While you’re here, be sure to visit the San Juan National Forest; this massive forest contains an abundance of things to do and see. Take a look at what it has to offer and add it to your vacation itinerary today!

Everything You Need to Know About the San Juan National Forest

Where Is the San Juan National Forest?

This spacious forest encompasses 1.8 million acres in Southwestern Colorado. Its varied landscape of forests, valleys, canyons, and desert mesas provides opportunities for all kinds of recreation in the great outdoors. The closest city to the San Juan National Forest is Durango, CO.

What Are Some of the Best Things to Do in the San Juan National Forest?

There are endless things to do in the San Juan National Forest! Take a look at some of the most popular pastimes in this beautiful, expansive forest.
Hiking and Biking: The San Juan National Forest trail map is made of hundreds of trails that are ideal for hiking and biking. Embark on a journey one of these trails and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife and admire the majestic surrounding scenery.
Hunting: San Juan National Forest elk hunting is a beloved activity for many outdoorsmen here. Other big game you can hunt include bighorn, mule deer, mountain goat, black bear, moose, and mountain lion. There are also bird species you can hunt here, such as turkey, grouse, waterfowl, and doves.
Fishing: A myriad of rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams fill the San Juan National Forest, giving visitors plenty of perfect fishing spots. You’ll get the chance to catch numerous species of trout, as well as a variety of other fish as well.
Other things to do in the San Juan National Forest include scenic drives, water sports, and horseback riding! This forest is filled with numerous adventures waiting for you, so start planning your trip today.

Where to Stay While Visiting the San Juan National Forest in Durango, CO

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