Are you feeling adventurous? Then get ready to explore the San Juan Mountains with the best guides in the area! San Juan Mountain Guides offers just about every type of tour, from ice climbing to skiing to canyoneering. This is the best way to experience the adrenaline rush of exploring the mountainside safely and with the help of the guides who know the area the best!
After you’ve explored the area with San Juan Mountain Guides, treat yourself to an amazing meal.

San Juan Mountain Guides

Before you head off on an adventure with San Juan Mountain Guides, learn a little about them! It was founded in 1986 and has been completely locally owned and family operated ever since. The guides are meticulously selected and are certified, and are committed to providing a great experience no matter your adventure.

Guided Canyoning Tour

Mostly available in Ouray, CO, the canyoning tours range from beginner to expert. The easiest tour is “Ivan’s Trail,” which is a short approach to a beautiful limestone slot. The tour package includes the use of wetsuits, harnesses, helmets, and other technical equipment, though you will need your own athletic shoes and shorts.

Ice Climbing

San Juan Mountain Guides offers ice climbing lessons that differ in experience and difficulty. If you are experienced in ice climbing, you can also take a private guided ice climbing tour. Most of the ice climbing is available in Ouray, CO.

Rock Climbing

Choose from the many rock climbing classes available from San Juan Mountain Guides. If you’ve never been rock climbing before, take the “Introduction to Rock Climbing,” which lasts two days. If you’re a little more experienced, try the “Rock Rescue Course” or the “Desert Rock Seminars.” Looking for something more customized? There are private instruction and guides available.

Guided Alpine Climbing

Available in the summer and the winter, San Juan Mountain Guides offers incredible alpine climbing courses. During the summer, you can take the introductory courses. During the winter, the courses require a little more experience and prepare the student for specific mountains, like Mt. Rainier or Mt. McKinley. If you’ve always wanted to climb a mountain solo, these courses are a must.

Ski & Avalanche Programs

San Juan Mountain Guides specializes in backcountry skiing, as opposed to off-piste skiing at a resort or cat skiing. Backcountry means that you are boundless, able to ski all over the mountain terrain. You can take lessons from the guides or go on a pre arranged skiing or snowboarding trips.

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