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You Need to Visit These Amazing Breweries in Durango,CO

Colorado is known for having some of the best craft breweries in the country! This is especially true in Durango. You won’t have to search very far to find a great brewery or brewpub to enjoy a locally-made, handcrafted beer. Whether you have a refined palette for hops, wheat, and barley or you simply enjoy a refreshing glass of beer on a hot day, you’ll love visiting these breweries in Durango,...

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Visit Durango Craft Spirits in Durango, CO

Craft Springs Colorado may be known for its many craft breweries, but that’s just the beginning of the incredible drink artisans in this state. A perfect example of this is Durango Craft Spirits. This fantastic local business takes pride in creating spirits using regional grains and teaming up with other impressive local businesses. Discover everything you need to know about this fantastic distillery! Don’t visit Durango Craft Spirits on an empty stomach! Download...

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2 of the Best Durango, CO, Hot Springs

Experience one of the most incredible natural wonders in Colorado during your vacation! There’s nothing more soothing or rejuvenating than relaxing in one of these little natural pools or sitting by the heated waters. When you visit Durango, there are plenty of hot springs located in the city or the nearby area. Learn about the history of these local spots, as well as how you can enjoy a spa day...

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4 of the Best Wedding Venues in Durango, CO

Weddings are supposed to be the most incredible day of your life! Why, then, are they so stressful to plan? From figuring out catering to narrowing down the guest list, there are so many things to consider. Something you don’t have to debate, however, is the destination. Durango, CO, is a fantastic location for romantic mountain weddings. Whether you’re planning a small ceremony or you’re hoping for a more elegant...

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4 of the Best Mountain Bike Trails in Durango, CO

Summertime in Durango means clear skies, lush foliage, and the perfect conditions for mountain biking! Discover why this is such a beloved pastime in town. Whether you’re an avid biker or you are new to the sport, you’ll love the best mountain bike trails in Durango, CO, for you to explore. Are you looking for more great Durango trails? We can help! Download our free Vacation Guide to get our picks for the best...

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2 of Our Favorite Ghost Towns near Durango, CO

If you’re interested in exploring abandoned towns in the United States, head to Colorado! There are hundreds of former mining, mill, and farming towns that have since been deserted. Today, visitors can venture to the towns to wander among the abandoned buildings and learn about the history of the region. Visit some of our favorite ghost towns near Durango, CO! Are you looking for more great attractions, like these ghost towns...

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Visit 3 of the Best Waterfalls Near Durango, CO

Durango is known for having gorgeous hiking trails, thrilling mountain slopes, and stunning state parks. It may surprise some visitors (and even some locals!) to learn that there are some truly beautiful waterfalls near Durango, CO, as well! These little-known sites are a must for anyone on a romantic getaway or travelers hoping to escape from the city. Find out our picks for the best spots near Durango! Never go hiking...

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The San Juan Skyway and What You Need to Know

When you take a vacation, it’s not just about the destination. It’s also about the journey! Nowhere is that more clear than in Durango, CO and the gorgeous San Juan Skyway. Forming a 233-mile loop in the southwestern portion of the state, this road begins and ends in our wonderful town. Whether you arrive to Durango by car or you’re traveling to a nearby attraction, be sure to take advantage...

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Why You Need to Visit Vallecito Lake

Spend a day relaxing on the still waters of Vallecito Lake! This gorgeous body of water is the just 18 miles from Durango, CO, and is a great destination for a day trip during your stay. While the community of Vallecito which surrounds the lake is small, with only a little over 300 residents, it’s certainly not lacking in fun! Find out the best things to do in the Vallecito...

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3 of the Best Places for a Durango, CO, Zip Line Adventure

Enjoy incredible views and a thrilling adventure during your stay in Durango! One of the best Durango summer activities is zip lining. Luckily, there are some great courses right outside of town. Skim along the surface of the Animas River or soar above the canopy of some ponderosa pine trees. The choices are endless when you book one of these Durango, CO, zip line tours! We’ve listed a couple of fantastic options...

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