If you love taking on new challenges, you should embark on the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Durango, CO!  This daunting adventure consists of numerous physical exploits like road races, as well as other fun activities such as parades and festivals; proceeds go towards benefitting a myriad of charities, such as the Mercy Health Foundation. With wonderful weather and breathtaking scenery, this is an event that no great outdoors lover should miss!  Learn all about the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic and start preparing to participate today!

All About the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

This tradition all started with a boy, Tom Mayer, challenging his older brother to a bike race from Durango to Silverton.  Others came to hear about the challenge, and in 1972, 36 others decided to participate as well.  Today, over thousands come to hop on their bikes to take part in this thrilling competition.  Every May, the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic rolls back to town, drawing avid cyclists from far and wide to participate in the excitement!  The signature event of the the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic is the legendary Durango Coca-Cola Road Race.  This daunting race involves 47 miles of both climbing hills and rapid descents, with an elevation profile of 6700 feet.  The entire event takes place over a weekend and involves many additional feats and activities.  Check out some of the other attractions taking place during the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic to see what all it has to offer!

Events of the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic

McDonald’s Citizens Tour to Silverton: This is an intense 50-mile tour from Durango to Silverton!  Take off alongside the train and see if you can beat the machine!
Quarter Horse to Purgatory: A 25-mile tour from Durango to Purgatory Resort, this event ends with a festival filled with food and games!
Morehart Murphy Subaru Circuit Race: This 4.5 mile road circuit will take you through the picturesque downtown Durango.
Sprite Kids Race: This activity is all about the kids!  Young cyclists of all ages can hop on their bikes and cycle through this 4-block course.
Durango Cyclery Cruiser Crit: Put on your best costume and hop on your bike to participate in this parade!  Most creative outfit gets a prize!
Mountain Bike Specialists Cross Country: This advanced race includes obstacles and ends at Steamworks Brewery!
BP Time Trial: The speediest biker wins in this exhilarating competition through 13.7 miles of scenic Colorado landscape.

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