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5 Ways to Experience the Best Durango Vacation

Studies show, time and time again, that travel is beneficial to your health!  If you’re having trouble deciding where you want to journey next, go out West to stay in the historic, scenic town of Durango, Colorado.  This charming mountain town is full of attractions that draw countless visitors all year long.  Discover how to have the best Durango vacation and start planning yours today! 5 Ways to Experience the...

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Why You Need to Stay Tuned to the Colorado Ski Report

Most skilled skiers agree that Colorado is one of the most phenomenal places in the world to ski and snowboard.  Not only does this state provide breathtaking views of colossal, snow-covered mountains, but it also provides the best weather and snow consistency for the perfect day of adventuring down the slopes.  In order to keep updated on the ideal places to ski and snowboard in Colorado, make sure to consistently...

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We Love Dogs!

Bringing your dog on vacation with you to Durango just adds to the fun! Durango is a very dog friendly town – with miles of river trail for walking and a dog park right on the Animas River to meet the local hounds. Many merchants put out bowls of clean water in the front of their store and also offer dog treats to pooches walking by. Durango Colorado Vacations offers...

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Durango Rides! By Todd Wells

Three Time Mountain Bike Olympian/Fourteen time National Champion As a twenty-year resident of Durango, I can tell you we have some of the best riding you’ll find anywhere. If you a rider, and road or mountain bike, take advantage of some of our spectacular scenery and get a great workout. I’m going to let you in on two of my favorite rides, one road and one off road. Durango is...

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Healthy, Happy and Safe in Durango!

The situation with our precious river has been occupying a lot of our thought and attention lately. Many people have been emailing, texting, and calling about the mine spill into our river. Here is some current information about Durango. Answers About the Animas River When did this incident happen? The Gold King Mine breach happened north of Silverton on August 5, 2015. Is the drinking water safe? Yes, the tap...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Come Ski Purgatory in Colorado

Tucked away in the colossal San Juan Mountains of Colorado is Purgatory, an unparalleled ski destination guaranteed to impress visitors of all ages and skill levels. Many factors combine to make this gorgeous area ideal for skiing, such as its remarkable weather and exciting surrounding areas.  Find out why Purgatory in Colorado guarantees the best skiing for the whole family! Best Ski Weather Purgatory is known to have 300 days of...

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Plan the Best Winter Ski Vacation in Durango This Year

Due to its perpetually sunny weather, picturesque mountain scenery, and just the right amount snowfall, Colorado has time and time again proven to be an unparalleled ski vacation destination.  One area in particular, the territory surrounding the beautiful town of Durango, contains some of the best ski mountains in the country.  These ski areas provide a wide variety of different trails, ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels and encompassing...

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Check out These 5 Awesome Slopeside Rentals

Isn’t it every skier’s dream to ski right out of your front door, without the need to drive anywhere for an afternoon of winter sports and activities?  If you’re planning a ski vacation to Colorado, you probably want to stay somewhere as close to the slopes as possible!  Durango Colorado Vacations has numerous amazing vacation rentals, all located within the most beautiful spots of this scenic state.  We also offer slopeside...

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