Enjoy some of the best views in Durango, CO, when you traverse these great hiking trails! There’s nothing quite like exploring the backcountry of a new town, snapping photos and making memories. Luckily for guests of Durango Colorado Vacations, there are so many pristine trails nearby. Check out our picks for the best Durango hiking trails!
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Our Favorite Spots for Durango Hiking

Animas Mountain Trail

The Animas Mountain Trail in Durango, CO, offers some of the best views in town. It is perfect for a wonderful afternoon in the great outdoors. It’s about six miles in length and moderate in difficulty. There are many additional trails that branch off this one as well.

Falls Creek Trail

A scenic trail surrounded by ponderosa pines, the Falls Creek Trail in Durango is conveniently located near the downtown area. It’s an easy hike and dog-friendly, so that all visitors can enjoy this experience.

Purgatory Trail

The Purgatory Trail in Durango, CO, is a little over five miles, and a great option for a fun and easy hike. There’s plenty of wildlife to see along the way and you can even bring your dog along.

Hermosa Creek Trail

A favorite spot for Durango hiking, the Hermosa Creek Trail has all kinds of surprises waiting for you. You can use this trail for almost any activity you can imagine, like horseback riding, mountain biking, snowshoeing, motorcycling, ATV riding, and much more.

Perins Peak

About six-mile round trip walk, this is a fun trail for all ages. The trail to Perins Peak in Durango features incredible, jaw-dropping views and boulder climbing opportunities.

Spud Lake Trail

This leisurely trail, about a two-mile round trip, is great for all ages. You’ll be able to see an abundance of wildlife along the way and go fishing once you reach the Spud Lake in Durango at the end of the trail.

Goulding Creek Trail

This is the perfect trails for those looking for a bit of a challenge. The Goulding Creek Trail in Durango is a little over five miles long and includes a few steep climbs. You’ll get to see waterfalls, meadows, and even a horse corral along the way.

Colorado Trail

This famous trail is a long-distance, winding path that stretches through 485 miles of picturesque scenery and breathtaking views. The Colorado Trail is an avid hiker’s dream; you’ll be able to see the gorgeous state of Colorado from an entirely different perspective as you climb and descend the various segments of this trail.

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