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Most skilled skiers agree that Colorado is one of the most phenomenal places in the world to ski and snowboard.  Not only does this state provide breathtaking views of colossal, snow-covered mountains, but it also provides the best weather and snow consistency for the perfect day of adventuring down the slopes.  In order to keep updated on the ideal places to ski and snowboard in Colorado, make sure to consistently check the Colorado Ski Report.  This daily article, found in the Denver Post, keeps the community informed on recent snow (how many inches have fallen in the past 24, 48, and 72 hours), deepest snow (the base and top snow depth), and acres open in each of the many Colorado ski resorts in the Denver region.  Provided by On the Snow, this article also offers accurate temperatures and rain forecasts.  This information might be more significant than you think; take a look at our list below to discover why weather conditions are such an essential part of skiing.

Why You Need to Stay Tuned to the Colorado Ski Report

  1. Slush and Ice

There are generally five types of snow: powder, crud, crust, slush, and ice.  Most skiers agree that powder is the best form of snow for skiing; it’s easy to control your movement and turns in powder snow and doesn’t hurt as much if you happen to fall.  Powder snow turns to crud as it becomes crushed and shredded, then crust as the top layer freezes.  Skiing and snowboarding start to become dangerous as the day gets warmer and the snow melts, forming slush, which causes turns to become more difficult.  Ice, which is snow that has melted and refrozen several times, is the most dangerous type of skiing terrain, since it is slippery and easy to lose your grip.  Staying up-to-date on the Colorado Ski Report forecast will help you find the best skiing spots while avoiding the dangerous areas.

  1. Avalanches and Blizzards

Serious injuries and even occasional deaths linked to avalanches have occurred throughout the years at popular ski resorts.  These sudden torrents of snow and debris can cause a skier to slide into an obstacle or become buried in snow.  Blizzards are considered even more hazardous; their strong winds cause you to become extremely cold while also impairing your movement and visibility.

  1. Other Dangers

Other factors that need to be considered when embarking on a day of skiing or snowboarding is the temperature.  When the temperature drops drastically, the chances of frostbite and hypothermia escalate.  Mist or thick cloud coverage can also diminish your ability to see the course or other people around you, increasing your chances of an accident.  However, all these incidents can be evaded by continuing to read the Colorado Ski Report forecast.  Don’t risk skiing or snowboarding in a problem area; use this handy resource to keep you safe and happy during your Colorado ski vacation!

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