Summertime in Durango means clear skies, lush foliage, and the perfect conditions for mountain biking! Discover why this is such a beloved pastime in town. Whether you’re an avid biker or you are new to the sport, you’ll love the best mountain bike trails in Durango, CO, for you to explore.

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The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Durango, CO

Hermosa Creek

This trail is one of the most popular rides in the area; it will take you all day to conquer, but you’re guaranteed to enjoy every second of the experience!  The Hermosa Creek Trail resembles a roller coaster with its frequent climbs and descents throughout some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery.  Starting at the Hermosa Park, this trail runs alongside the creek before you cross the bridge to connect to additional adjoining trails.  You’ll glimpse some gorgeous meadows as you bike along this trail, which is mostly intermediate with a few advanced areas.

Horse Gulch Loop

Easily accessible from downtown Durango, the Horse Gulch Loop is one of the more strenuous trails in the area but also offers some amazing views of forests and valleys.  The more technical areas are a fun challenge for most mountain bikers; they also love the drops this trail contains as well.

Animas Mountain Loop

This winding trail requires some intense climbing, but you’ll be rewarded by some fun descents!  The Animas Mountain Loop also contains excellent views of the Animas Valley and the La Platas Mountains.  This trail is a favorite of many avid bikers, not only for its enjoyable ride down but also for its convenient location close by to downtown Durango.

Dry Fork Trail

One of the best beginner mountain bike trails in Durango, the Dry Fork Trail is a fantastic spot on the Durango mountain bike map.  The climbs on this path are much less demanding with minimal rocky areas. With a total length of a little over eight miles, this trail glides through forests of oak and pine trees to provide a relaxing and scenic ride.

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