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Historical Landmarks in Durango

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Taking time to unwind, relax, and spend a great vacation in Durango is always something for travelers to look forward to. Here, outdoor adventurers always find their fill of options and those who are looking to make the most of in-town entertainment have everything they need at their fingertips as well. In addition to the spectacular surroundings and activities and attractions, Durango is packed with amazing historical landmarks for history buffs to enjoy checking out. When you’re ready to pursue the past in style, the following historical places to see in Durango are well worth adding to your itinerary the next time travel plans bring you this way.

Enjoy Visiting the Strater Hotel

Not only is the historic Strater Hotel eye-catching, but it’s also a must-see destination in Durango for history buffs. Officially referred to as Durango’s Living History Museum, The Strater Hotel is a one-of-a-kind stop with a rich history and stories to tell. From the authentic Victorian-era furnishings within the red and white brick façade, The Strater Hotel demands attention and has been a staple in Durango since as far back as 1887.

Today, visitors are invited to come and enjoy the outside or the interior of the hotel and if you book a stay, you’ll have access to one of 93 uniquely designed guest rooms within. Stunning original woodwork remains in place and the hotel also hosts The Diamon Belle Saloon, Mahogany Grill Restaurant, the Pullman Room, and the Office Spiritorium. Another exciting point of interest when visiting The Strater Hotel is to know the memorable guests who have booked a stay before you. Author Louis L’Amour stayed in The Strater Hotel and was drawn to room 222 which has since been named after him. It’s believed that many of his memorable works were either inspired or written in room 222.

Check Out The General Palmer Hotel

Situated at 567 Main Avenue, The General Palmer Hotel is another historic stop in Durango that dates back to 1898. The hotel is named for its creator General William Jackson Palmer. This Civil War general is also credited with building the Durango, Silverton Narrow Gauge. Today, a visit to this historic hotel in town is a chance to enjoy views of unique antiques, era-specific artifacts, and Victorian-themed rooms brimming over with gorgeous authentic furnishings. While Durango history here is rich, the comforts are modern too and the hotel is still considered a family-friendly place to stay. It puts visitors right in the heart of Durango fun and is a great way to step back in time without traveling anywhere at all.

Make the Most of Time Spent at Mesa Verde National Park

You don’t have to drive far from Durango to enjoy both the natural beauty and history of Mesa Verde National Park. This historical landmark is filled with cliff dwellings and ancient ruins that are credited to the innovative architectural practices of the Ancestral Puebloans who called the area home around 700 years ago. The park was established in June of 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt to create a protected space where visitors could gather for generations to come and appreciate the stories that live on in the landscapes. While exploring independently is an option, a good way to make more of the experience is to book a guided tour alongside an expert who can point out unique features of the dwellings and provide one-of-a-kind insight as well.

Take a Ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

Take a ride-through time when you book tickets for the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. This railway dates back to 1882 and much to the delight of history buffs, a ride today still comes with much of the original equipment in use! As you enjoy a ride on this train, you’ll be entertained by tales from the past and many of the onboard staff are dressed up in era-specific costumes too. When the ride comes to an end, feel free to check out the Durango & Silverton Railroad Museum at the depot which tracks the story of railway development through Colorado and how the industry changed the local economy.

Book Today and Learn About Durango History

There’s never been a better time to make your way to beautiful Durango and spend some quality time enjoying a well-deserved vacation. At Durango Colorado Vacations, we know that the only thing that makes the experience that much better is having amazing accommodations in place to elevate your stay from start to finish. If you’re bringing that special someone, elevate your vacation with a stay at our townhomes for rent in Durango for couples!

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