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Best Places for Photography in Durango

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Durango, Colorado is a destination that captures the minds and imaginations of travelers from across the map year-round with good reason. Here, the landscapes are mesmerizing and whether you’re one for the great outdoors or you’re looking forward to in-town entertainment, you’ll find what you crave and more! Those that happen to be photographers heading this way will find that Durango offers up a wide variety of options for angles, lighting, and of course, scenic vistas too. Grab that camera and be sure to add the following stops to your list when you’re looking for the very best places for Durango, Colorado photography around.

Capture the Moment Along the Animas River Trail

Travelers heading to Durango looking to enjoy time out in nature will often put the Animas River Trail at the top of their itinerary. This easy-to-access paved pathway runs right through town and follows the Animas River out toward some truly spectacular sights. While it’s great for running, walking, and biking or using as an access point for tubing on the river, it’s also decidedly one of the best places for Durango, Colorado photography. In total, the Animas River Trail stretches about 10 miles and along the way, photographers can get great angles on everything from the San Juan Mountains to gorgeous flower gardens too. It links up with lush, green parks and of course, the river itself is always a nice backdrop for that perfect shot.

Set up on SkySteps for Picture-Perfect Opportunity

Linking the city of Durango to the Fort Lewis College Campus, SkySteps is a unique landmark in the area that makes for a great place to capture a cool shot. Photographers who head this way have 500 steps to work with as well as a 250-foot elevation gain providing unique options on angles and lighting alike. At the very top of the steps, there’s even more to enjoy through the lens thanks to a vantage point out over the entire downtown Durango from above.

Looking for a Lake Backdrop? Durango Has You Covered

For photographers that can’t wait to include a little lake beauty into their shots, Durango puts you in a prime place to access some truly scenic surroundings. Vallecito Lake is only a short drive from downtown and is a popular place for visitors to enjoy time hiking, fishing, and boating. It’s refreshingly secluded and situated right in the heart of San Juan National Park. This means that there are ample opportunities for setting up unique views of the landscape and working with lighting that changes depending on the time of day as well as the tree line.

Lake Nighthorse is another great option for lakeside Durango photography. Here, many visitors come to paddleboard which can be a fun shot to capture if you’re photographing friends or family. The sunsets around Lake Nighthorse are also notoriously beautiful and can provide a vibrant take on photograph hues.

Put Your Photography Skills to Work at The Strater Hotel

Whether you’re an architectural photographer or you have a passion for history, taking time to photograph subjects at The Strater Hotelor simply focus the lens on the building itself is a treat. This landmark is hard to miss thanks to its iconic white and red brick façade. Photographers are welcome to head inside as well and check out destinations like the Diamon Belle Saloon and Durango’s Living History Museum. All offer a rustic aesthetic that speaks to wild west photography that’s always fun to capture!

Mesa Verde

Only a short distance from Durango, Mesa Verde is a must-visit for photographers who are looking to capture spectacular local landmarks on camera. This destination is known for its collection of captivating cliff dwellings that date back to ancestral Puebloans that lived here nearly 700 years ago. Whether you capture these images up close or from a distance, they’re a testament to time as well as innovative architecture that pairs the best of ingenuity and nature.

Take a Nature-Based Approach to Durango Photography

If it’s dynamic shots of landscapes you’re after, you don’t have to travel far to find it when you’re in Durango. Take a drive along the San Juan Skyway and you’ll find breathtaking views away. The nearby Weminuche Wilderness is a must if you’re looking to capture greenery and wildlife moments too. For a combined landscape shot, make your way to La Plata Canyon where you can view New Mexico deserts to the south, La Sal Mountains to the West, and even Moab in the distance while the north is occupied by the San Juans. East features Durango, providing a comprehensive take on your surroundings that are well worth photographing.

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