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How to Get to Durango

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No matter what time of year travelers set their sights on a Durango, Colorado getaway, they’re in for a treat! Enjoying a location in the southwest corner of the state, Durango is a destination that has something for visitors to enjoy year-round. While winter travelers can savor time on the slopes at places like Purgatory Ski Resort, warm weather adventurers can make the most of everything from mountain hiking and biking to downtown shopping and exploring historical landmarks alike. Rich with wildlife and amazing views, Durango is a destination that keep visitors coming back for more. Whether it’s in the name of time on the lovely Animas River, or endless scenic rides on the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Train, getting here is a top priority for visitors from across the map. Read on below to find out how to get to Durango!

Once visitors know they’re ready to explore Durango, the question to ask then is, what exactly is the best way to get here? Durango is an extremely accessible city, but depending on your point of origin, there are various routes to relishing time here. The following is a helpful breakdown of options for travelers to choose from the next time Durango vacation is calling.

Head This Way by Plane

Knowing you can’t wait to enjoy this ideal vacation spot is step one. Figuring out how to get to Durango the fastest way possible comes next. If you’re far enough away to warrant air travel, you’ll find there are plenty of landing options to pick from! Durango is lucky enough to have a variety of airports within proximity to the natural attractions, historical sites, and outdoor fun that await. Geographically, the city is just 25 miles north of New Mexico’s state line and a mere 89 miles east of Utah. The Arizona border is no more than 85 miles from Durango.

The convenient location of Durango in relation to major cities like Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, and Denver means there are a lot of options for those planning their preferred flight routes.  Flying into a major international airport can be cost saving. It also provides an opportunity to rent a car upon arrival and enjoy a road trip that lets you soak up the sights on your way into Durango. If you prefer to fly the entire way, connections to regional airports are readily available as well from these larger stops.

Some of the international airports to consider within reach of Durango include Salt Lake City International Airport, Denver International Airport, and Albuquerque International. The drive from Salt Lake City to Durango is 391 miles while a trip from Denver will require covering 361 miles. Albuquerque is the closest at 217 miles if you’re looking to save on time.

Of course, those who prefer to fly all the way into Durango instead can do that as well. This simply requires booking a connecting flight from one of the larger airports listed above to a regional airport. Durango-La Plata Airport is a full-service regional airport in the area that sees more than 12 flights daily come in from destinations like Phoenix Sky Harbor International, Dallas/Fort Worth International, and Denver International just to name a few. Seasonal flights also depart from this regional airport heading to places like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston. Other regional airports to consider flying into include Grand Junction which is 173 miles from Durango. Telluride Regional Airport is 110 miles away.

Drive Your Way to Durango Fun

Travelers who do decide to rent a car at an airport and drive into Durango will find they have access to some truly spectacular scenery. That said, understanding how long it takes to get where you’re going is important for planning purposes. Driving from Albuquerque to Durango takes approximately 3.5 hours. A trip from Denver will take 6 hours and a trip from Salt Lake City into Durango runs about 6.5 hours in total.

If you have time to spare, there are plenty of stopovers on these routes that could add to the travel fun. Destinations like the Aztec Ruins National Monument make for a fun sightseeing adventure when you’re traveling in from Albuquerque. Consider stopping at Sand Dunes National Park on your way in from Denver too! Once you get closer to Durango, you’ll likely find yourself on the San Juan Skyway at some point. This is an exceptionally beautiful drive that will have made the road trip worth your while.

Book Your Durango Vacation Today

No matter how you choose to get here, a trip to Durango is made that much more fun when you have amazing accommodations in place too. Don’t miss out on our 2023 condos in Durango, Colorado that come with high-end amenities and stunning views! Booking a property through Durango Colorado Vacations is a great way to infuse comfort, style, and luxury into your stay!

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