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Hikers Journey to Durango, Colorado

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Durango, Colorado is a vacation destination that calls to travelers from across the map with a passion for spending time in the great outdoors. Here, the views are designed by nature to inspire and the options to get out and push your skills to the limits are seemingly endless. If you’re a traveler who loves to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails, Durango is a great place to savor every moment of trekking your way to fun. The following are a few of the best hikes in Durango, CO to be sure to add to your itinerary the next time your travel plans bring you this way.

Check Out the Animal Mountain Trail While You’re in Town

Hikers heading to Durango who are looking for the best hiking trails in Durango to trek that showcase the very best of the surrounding mountains will find it waiting for them on the Animas Mountain Trail. In total, this path extends six miles as a loop. It’s rated moderately difficult and comes with an elevation gain of around 1,5,19 feet. The highlight of time on this trail is the scenic backdrop made up of peaks and the view to the east of the Animas River itself. The colorful red rocks and the San Juan Mountains to the north only add to the beauty and make this an ideal trail for nature photographers to check out while they’re in town. It’s easy to access from Durango, making it a popular choice among locals and visitors ready to get out and explore.

Lace Up Your Boots and Hit Purgatory Trail

Another fantastic area trail to add to your must-trek list when you’re heading to Durango in the name of fun is the Purgatory Trail. Don’t let the name of this route deter you because it’s rated moderately difficult and is a scenic hike that winds its way through the inviting Hermosa Creek Wilderness Area. It’s a particularly great route to enjoy in the spring when wildflowers are in bloom as well as the fall when leaves are changing colors. There are plenty of overlooks out over Lime Creek and the Animas River canyon along the way as well. In total, Purgatory Trail covers 2.5 miles of terrain and asks hikers to traverse an elevation gain of around 1,820 feet. It’s an out and back route with options to extend your hike about 9 miles if you head towards Cascade Canyon at the overlook.

Spend Time Exploring Perins Peak

Make your way over to the beautiful Perins Peak State Wildlife Area when you’re up for a moderately difficult trek through stunning terrain. The Perins Peak Trail is a wonderful route for hikers of all ages and skill levels who are looking to enjoy a 5.9 mile out and back route that includes options to add rock climbing into the mix if that’s your outdoor adventure style. The trail is named for the Perins Peak landmark that towers over Durango and makes for a great photo opportunity when you reach it. With an elevation gain of 1,561 feet, the Perins Peak Trail is a tantalizing option for outdoor exploration with opportunities to extend the trek 10 more miles if you add North Perins Peak onto your itinerary.

Get into Nature on Goulding Creek Trail

At 6 miles long, the Goulding Creek Trail is another inviting option for hikers in Durango. It’s a bit more rugged than the previous trail options, making it appealing to those who are looking for a bit more of a challenge. The trail offers up prime access to open meadows, cliff views, and waterfalls as well. You’ll make your way through aspen groves as you experience an elevation gain of 2,100 feet. Accessing the trail is simple as it sits about 17 miles north of the city along U.S. Highway 550.

Take Some Time to Trek Up Engineer Mountain

For a harder hike that comes with the reward of a stunning 360-degree view at the 13,000-foot summit, be sure to take time to conquer the trail leading up to Engineer Mountain. This trek is rated hard and asks hikers to cover 12.7 miles of terrain with an elevation gain of 3,106 feet included. This hike is particularly beautiful in the summer when flowers are in full bloom and is a trail that dedicated hikers heading to Durango are likely to trek time and again.

Best Hikes in Durango, CO with Us!

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