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Vacation is always a great time to unwind, relax and let troubles fall to the wayside in the name of fun. That said, there’s something particularly special about time away with family. Whether you’re a traveling crew that bonds over adventure or can’t wait to settle in and just enjoy the view and good company, Durango is a destination that’s worth a visit. When you’re looking for family-friendly accommodations to match your plans, the team at Durango Colorado Vacations has exactly what you’re searching for.

Floorplans that Fit Your Family Needs

There’s nothing as exciting as a family getaway, but when it comes to comfort that caters to everyone’s needs, having a rental that’s as spacious as it is eye-catching is key to success. At Durango Colorado Vacations, we make sure the families that book with us always have access to property options that feature the finest of open concept designs. This makes it just as easy to enjoy time together in social spaces as it is to escape to the privacy of bedrooms and lounge areas when you’re craving tranquility far from the crowd.

Fireplaces That Bring You Together

Booking a stay near the mountains is sure to come with plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy the outdoor adventure. When the day comes to a close, having a rental that includes access to a cozy fireplace can make all the difference. The families that book a stay with us often find their home away from home comes equipped with fireplaces that bring everyone together in the name of comfortable and warm moments. Whether you’re sipping hot cocoa or just rehashing the details of the day, it’s a simple feature that can work wonders in the way of creating bonding time.

Culinary Adventures Are Yours for the Enjoying

It’s true that Durango is a destination brimming over with savory stops that are worth enjoying, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your family is hoping to dine out each and every day of your stay. In fact, many families headed this way that are looking to stick to a budget will find the inclusion of a full kitchen in many of our rentals in Durango to be a lifesaver! It’s also just a wonderful alternative when a home-cooked meal would hit the spot. Take time to serve up the meal your family loves best while enjoying access to modern appliances, plenty of counter space, and frequently, cabinets that are already stocked up with the cookware and utensils you’ll need. Our full kitchens are refreshingly convenient and always give guests reasons to settle around the dining room table and enjoy a great meal surrounded by even better company.

Technology That Caters to Fun

Durango invites families to get out and discover and explore a landscape that’s filled with potential for fun. Our family-friendly rentals are designed to be just as inviting when there’s downtime to be enjoyed. While many families head this way to escape the hustle of daily life and really focus on time together, we know that doesn’t always mean complete disconnect is the goal. To that end, we make sure families have access to Wi-Fi or high-speed internet during a stay. This gives everyone the option to do their own thing when there’s free time including sending vacation photos to friends, checking in on social media, or keeping up with the news. Of course, if a family movie night is what brings you together, this is an option too! Many of our rentals are outfitted with large flat-screen television that makes for a perfect place to enjoy streaming the film or shows that everyone in your traveling crew loves.

Luxurious Extras

There’s no reason your family getaway can’t include a touch or more of luxury. Many of our rentals in Durango include access to private hot tubs, lake, and mountain views, as well as ski-in, ski-out options when your trip revolves around time on the slopes. Those families that can’t imagine a getaway without the company of a canine companion will love that our rentals also include pet-friendly amenities so there’s no reason for anyone in your group to miss out on the fun!

Proximity to the Fun

When families come our way, it’s often to make the most of adventure and our rentals cater to the opportunities. We make sure families that book with us are kept close to the places they can’t wait to explore! Whether your itinerary includes a railroad tour or zipline adventure, a visit to Mesa Verde National Park, or the Durango Art Center, we’ve got you covered.

Contact Us Today

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy the best of a family getaway to Durango. When you want to be sure to have accommodations to match the fun, reach out to Durango Colorado Vacations and let our professional team take care of the details. We can’t wait to see you soon! Contact us today.

If you’re a food lover, no great vacation is complete without a memorable meal (or meals!). Check out our foodie-approved recommendations for restaurants in Durango perfect for every meal of the day.

Breakfast On the Go: Doughworks or Durango Bagel

You can tell that we’re true, die-hard food fans when we can’t even decide on the singular best grab-and-go breakfast spot. Breakfast burrito fans, Doughworks is for you. They also have a heavenly spread of homemade donuts that should not be resisted! If you’re headed out for an action-packed day, swing by for one of their mouth-watering breakfast burritos and homemade salsa. Our fave is the egg and green chili—a southwestern staple. For those seeking a delicious breakfast sandwich or a simply perfect bagel, you can’t miss Durango Bagel. You can actually see this little shop crank out homemade bagels in the back right from the cash register. And you better believe they taste every bit as good as they look.

Brunch: El Moro Spirits and Tavern

As one local put it—brunch at El Moro is the best thing you’ll ever eat. Hard to argue with that! Located in the center of downtown Durango, this is a can’t-miss brunch spot and we recommend making a reservation ahead of time if you can. The menu is sure to please everyone in your party, offering house-made sausage, six different takes on eggs benedict and some heartier options. My mouth is watering just writing this!

Lunch 1: Nini’s Taqueria

So maybe you’ve had Tex Mex before, and maybe you think you’ve tried all the great taco places you’ll ever need to. But we’re here to tell you that if you haven’t tried Nini’s yet, you need to add it to your to do list. This brightly colored and cozy little restaurant is located right on Main Avenue, making it the perfect place to end or begin a shopping trip or to people watch while you dig in. Everything here is good, but our go-to items are anything with shredded chicken (tackle the giant order of nachos if you bring a group!) and the Mexican chocolate chip cookies. Prepare to lick your plate clean—it’s that good.

Lunch 2: Serious Texas BBQ

Yup—we picked two lunch places too! Make sure to save room in your schedule and your belly for some seriously good barbeque at Serious Texas BBQ. This is a local favorite and you’ll find this funky, fast-casual barbeque joint’s two locations on the North and South ends of town. If you’ve had a busy morning and you’re ready for a hearty lunch, chow down on the famous Texas Taco: a generous helping of tender pulled pork, covered in cheesy potatoes, jalapenos and onions, all somehow packed into a warm tortilla. Don’t forget to drench it Serious’ one-of-a-kind barbeque sauce and treat yourself to their fresh-brewed sweet tea. We have to warn you, no matter what you end up enjoying here, odds are that you’ll fall head-over-heels for this BBQ sauce. The good news is, they do sell it by the bottle and they’ll even ship it to you!

Dinner: The Ore House

Treat yourself to unbelievably delicious steak at the Ore House. This restaurant is may not look like a lot on the outside, but don’t let that fool you. Inside you’ll find a cozy, classic steakhouse with low lighting, exposed wooden beams and leather-bound menus. This is the spot in Durango for steak lovers and surf and turf seekers. Pick your favorite cut, your steak’s preparation and temperature and dive into some tasty apps while the magic happens. You won’t be disappointed.

Looking for something a little lighter? Check out our feature on sushi-hot spot East by Southwest.

Drinks: The Diamond Belle Saloon

Inside Durango’s most famous hotel, the Strater, you’ll find the incredible Diamond Belle Saloon. Being here is truly like taking a step back in time. The staff dresses in old West-style clothing, ragtime piano music is often played live and the architecture itself is a treat. Enjoy happy hour from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. or sing by for a late night drink.

More Drinks: Check out our ode to Durango’s premiere speakeasy the Bookcase and Barber in an earlier blog post.

  1. Dogsledding

Bet you didn’t know that Durango has its very own dog sledding company! Durango Dog Ranch offers kennel tours and takes groups on hour-long and half-day expeditions on authentic dog sleds all season long. Dress in your warm winter layers and get ready to enjoy the mountain views and smell of fresh pines. Mush!


  1. Durango’s Historic Theatre

Located in the famous Strater Hotel, the Henry Strater Theatre first opened its doors in 1962 as the Diamond Circle Theatre. The theatre was home to the Durango Melodrama & Vaudeville for years, and now “the Hank,” as it’s known to many locals, hosts community events and concerts. Catch a show or just stop by to take in the beauty and history of this little-known theatre.


  1. Sushi at East by Southwest

I know, eating sushi in a landlocked state at 6,512 feet in elevation sounds funny. But, if you can forget all that for one moment and trust us, we can practically guarantee that the sushi lovers in your group will love East by Southwest. This chic, modern restaurant is well-known by the locals and shouldn’t be missed by tourists! It has a large menu offering Asian delicacies from sashimi and nigiri to teriyaki and yakitori. Don’t miss the unforgettable Hand Grenade—one delicious bite packed with shrimp, a scallop, sweet soy sauce and the perfect amount of spice that’ll make you want to order another round.


  1. Take a Walk Back in Time

Horsefly History Tours offers unique walking tours where both locals and tourists learn about Durango’s rough and tumble history. Company owner and guide Laine Johnson is a Colorado native who’s passionate about wildlife and the Rocky Mountains. If you like great storytelling and seeing an antique or an old building makes your mind race about its history, these tours are for you.


The perfect Durango adventure needs the perfect home base. Book one of our beautiful rental homes today and start planning your soon-to-be unforgettable vacation with the help of our free guide.

Pack a leash and collapsible water bowl, because we’re about to convince you to bring your pet on your next Durango vacation!

Most people think that bringing the family dog on vacation isn’t an option, but our pet-friendly rentals are the perfect solution. Plus, Durango is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the U.S.! Check out these three reasons to bring your four-legged friend along next time you come to town.




Maybe you came to Durango with the whole family and you need a night off, or maybe it’s just you and your significant other all vacation long! Either way, check out our ideas for date nights you won’t soon forget with these Durango activities.

P.S. All of these spots are also girls’ night and boys’ night-approved!


Few things in life compare to soaking in warm, mineral-rich pools between snow-covered peaks under the stars. It may sound like we’re retelling a story from a great romantic novel, but Trimble Hot Springs here in Durango offers just that. The springs are open until 8:45 p.m. daily (except for Wednesdays!) and there are a variety of spa treatments available to take your relaxation to the next level. So, whether you decide to come here after a great evening on the town or the slopes, or simply spend your night here winding down, we can’t recommend it enough.


If you and your sweetheart are on the hunt for a romantic evening out, look no further than Eolus on Main Avenue. As one of Durango’s most upscale dining experiences, Eolus offers rooftop dining and craft cocktails that are sure to make your night. Don’t be scared off by the word “upscale,” though! While the food is an exquisite contemporary take on American cuisine, the atmosphere is rustic and homey. The perfect combination of great flavors and ambiance make Eolus a great date night spot. And please, for us, save room for the Hot Doughnuts (beignets) for dessert!


The Bookcase and Barber is the perfect way to end your evening out or a one-stop-shop for an unforgettable cocktail. This tiny, intimate speakeasy is an absolute must-see. Yes, we said speakeasy! Inspired by 1920s America when prohibition was alive and well, this hidden gem offers artfully crafted cocktails behind closed doors. In fact, you need a password to get in! (Don’t worry, you can find it on their Facebook page). Since this place is popular, we suggest making a reservation ahead of time if you can, although, you won’t always need one. Choose from a book full of handmade concoctions and watch as the bartenders get to work crushing the ice and muddling herbs by hand.

Hungry for more?

If you’re a foodie, stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on more of Durango’s best destinations for food and drink.

Stay Local

Book one of our luxurious rental properties now and make your next Durango vacation one you’ll remember forever. Make your getaway to Durango a success by staying in the best lodging in Colorado! Durango Colorado Vacations offers luxurious penthouses, villas, lofts, cabins, and apartments all throughout this gorgeous area. Each property is fully equipped with the finest amenities and features, such as fireplaces, hot tubs, outdoor decks, BBQ grills and more. They all are located within a short distance of exciting Durango attractions, both outdoor and indoor. Don’t miss your chance to have the greatest vacation ever; check our availability and book one of our fantastic rentals today!

Are you visiting Durango for the first time? Or are you an experienced, Durango pro looking for your next big adventure? Either way, you’re sure to find something on this list you’ve never tried before! Read on to discover tons of fun things to do in Durango:


  1. Jump off a waterfall – Sound crazy? We promise you’ll have a blast! If you’re visiting Durango in the summer, you can’t miss the unbelievable views and the refreshing mountain water that cascades over these falls. Check out our list of local waterfalls here.


  1. Go snowshoeing – People still do that? Absolutely! Snowshoeing is a great way to experience Durango’s majestic mountains, especially after a particularly snowy season. Read more about our favorite ‘shoeing spots and get some helpful hints here.


  1. Experience whitewater rafting – Yes, it lives up to the hype! Durango’s Animas River is world-renowned for its rapids and the countless expert-level river guides that’ll make your first whitewater rafting trip one for the books. Here are our recommendations for local rafting companies.


  1. Try snowmobiling – You’ll be telling your friends about this for years! If flying across the pristine, white snow in the Rocky Mountains sounds fun to you, you have to try snowmobiling in Durango. Choose from a variety of tours to make this the perfect winter outing.


  1. Take a ride on one of the last remaining steam engines – This train is the quintessential Durango experience. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has been in business since 1882 and is Durango’s most iconic piece of history. You’ll love taking in the mountains and valleys from the train’s open-air car and seeing history come to life. In case you need more convincing, check this out.


Come Stay with Us at Durango Colorado Vacations!

Make your getaway to Durango a success by staying in the best lodging in Colorado! Durango Colorado Vacations offers luxurious penthouses, villas, lofts, cabins, and apartments all throughout this gorgeous area. Each property is fully equipped with the finest amenities and features, such as fireplaces, hot tubs, outdoor decks, BBQ grills and more. They all are located within a short distance of exciting Durango attractions, both outdoor and indoor. Don’t miss your chance to have the greatest vacation ever; check our availability and book one of our fantastic rentals today!

If you’ve been to Durango before, you know that every season offers a wide variety of activities. While this ski town has beautiful slopes, you can’t forget about summertime on the Animas River or fall on the hiking trails. Durango has so much to offer, we outlined the highlights of visiting in every season so you can decide what’s best for you. Of course, you might just have to come back for every season after you see this list of things to do on your Durango vacation!

Plus, download our free Vacation Guide to get our recommendations for the best restaurants, cafes and much more in Durango. Our Vacation Guide has helped countless guests plan their trips in no time. Download your copy today to get started!

Unforgettable Durango Experiences for Every Season


Spring in Durango is beautiful, but the weather can be a little unpredictable. If you’re planning a spring visit, make sure to check the weather while packing for your trip—some spring seasons will be cooler than others. Main Avenue in downtown Durango is lined with trees that come to life with stunning, pink flowers in the spring. Check out the unique mom-and-pop style boutiques and restaurants that make Durango truly unforgettable. Many of them are also featured in our free vacation guide.

Next, try horseback riding with the beautiful Rocky Mountains as your backdrop. This is a great activity that you can enjoy in both cool and warmer spring seasons. See a list of local ranches here. Don’t forget to stop by the Durango Farmer’s Market for an incredible selection of produce, bakery items, homemade soaps and more.


Summertime in Durango is an outdoorsman’s dream. Make sure to pack your bathing suit! There are countless water sports to enjoy including whitewater rafting, stand up paddle boarding, tubing the Animas river and more. Plus, Lake Nighthorse reservoir is Durango’s destination for boating, fishing and relaxing on the water. For the adventurers, explore Durango’s waterfalls for some rewarding hikes, great photo opportunities and exciting stories to bring home.

For some on-shore fun, check out the several off-road Jeep tours, mountain biking and hiking trails and Durango’s renowned craft beer scene (which, of course, is great all year round). If you’re visiting in the early summer, make sure you stop by Taste of Durango, southwest Colorado’s premiere food and drink festival. Dozens of local restaurants, coffee shops and breweries set up booths along Main Avenue, which shuts down in late May each year for this summer kick-off festival. With live music, local art and a dog-friendly atmosphere, this festival is a must-do for travelers, foodies and craft beer enthusiasts.


If you haven’t seen it already, check out our list of our favorite places to see the leaves change in the fall in Durango. It’s sure to be a highlight of your trip. Hiking and horseback riding are also great fall activities, but get into the Halloween spirit this fall with a historic Durango ghost tour. You’ll get a closer look at Durango’s 1880’s architecture and hear about the town’s first inhabitants and some of the spooky legends that are still told today.

Don’t miss out on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad’s variety of events, including the Beer Train and Wine on the Rails. Not only will you get up-close views of the wildlife, fall leaves and valleys, you’ll also get to meet new people and enjoy unique, small batch wines and craft beers.

If you find yourself in Durango in October, be sure to swing by Sutherlin Farms for the pumpkin patch, corn maze and even pumpkin shooters! Just 30 minutes out of town, this is well-worth the trip. What better way to enjoy fall in the four corners?


Skiers and snowboarders flock to Purgatory Mountain Resort in the winter months for some of the country’s best slopes. There are rental stores for all your equipment needs and some great shops and restaurants to keep you fueled up on the mountain. If you visit in January, don’t miss out on the state’s most famous festival: Snowdown. This quirky and crazy week-long event is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. With activities ranging from a city-wide scavenger hunt and bartending competitions to animal costume contests and mini golf games, there are activities for all ages. See our Snowdown tips here.

For more outdoor fun this winter, try cross-country skiing. With such wonderful views, you’ll forget you’re also getting a great workout in. If you bring the kids along on your Durango vacation, check out the Polar Express. Families from all over the state get in the holiday spirit by wearing their pajamas and enjoying hot chocolate aboard the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad as it curves through the snow-covered peaks.

So, which season will you choose?

We hope this list gives you a better idea about which season to pick for your next visit to Durango (and the one after that!). See all of our rental properties to decide which suits you best: a riverside cottage, a cabin in the mountains or something in between. No matter which home or season you choose, we can’t wait to have you visit!

Book the Best Accommodations in Durango

Look through all of our unique properties to find the perfect match for you, including pet-friendly rentalshot tubs and more. Check out Curry Barn, our 1860s Amish-style barn complete with gorgeous, ceiling-to-floor wood work. This six-bedroom, four bathroom “barn” sleeps up to 10 people and sits on 11 beautiful acres. Book Curry Barn or any of our one-of-a-kind properties today. Then, download our free vacation guide to start planning your trip. See you soon!

From mountain biking to snowshoeing and everything in between, Durango is the outdoor adventurer’s dream destination. There’s an almost endless variety of outdoor activities enjoyed by both locals and tourists here, but the most popular choice has to be hiking. The best part about hiking in Durango is that there’s a trail for everyone. Choose from challenging uphill treks with rewarding views and leisurely walks in the woods. Book your Colorado adventure with us now, and check out this list of hikes that everyone from the beginner to a seasoned pro will enjoy.

But before you set out on your scenic adventure, prep for your hike with a delicious meal. Download our free Vacation Guide to get our recommendations for the best restaurants, cafes and bistros in Durango. Our Vacation Guide has helped countless guests plan their trips in no time. Download your copy today to get started!


Our Favorite Local Hikes, From Beginner to Expert


Scenic Spud Lake – An Easy Day on the Trail

One of Durango’s most talked-about hiking trails, Spud Lake trail offers stunning mountain views, the perfect 3.1 mile loop trail and, of course, access to Spud Lake. Whether you’re bringing the kids along or want to run the trail instead of walk it, Spud Lake is the perfect half-day hike. See more about the trail here and get ready for an afternoon you won’t forget.


Engineer Mountain – A Memorable, Mid-Level Experience

This beautiful trail will give you a bird’s eye view of Durango. It starts near the bottom of Coal Bank Pass and stretches almost 13 miles among countless evergreen trees. Engineer is called a moderately difficult trail and rewards hikers with unmatched scenery. This dog-friendly trail is great for those seeking a bit of a challenge and a day full of fun.


Ice Lake Basin Trail – An Unforgettable Challenge

We went a little bit out of town for this one, but can you blame us? Located about an hour north of Durango, in Silverton, is the Ice Lakes Trail. While it’s a steep climb at some points, the views are more than worth it. The trail isn’t for the faint of heart and is categorized as hard, but if you’re up for a grand adventure, we highly recommend this one. Ranked as the best trail in the San Juan Forest, this beauty is an 8.1-mile loop that gains more than 3,000 feet in elevation. At the top, you’ll find crystal blue pools of ice-cold mountain water and some of the most stunning wild flowers you’ve ever seen.


Stay in a Rental Home from Durango Colorado Vacations

Pack your hiking boots and get ready to enjoy the best trails Durango has to offer. Then, book a home with Durango Colorado Vacations! We have an amazing selection of rental properties, from gorgeous estates to cozy cabins. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a girls’ trip or a family vacation, we have the perfect accommodations for you.

Consider booking BlackBear 46, a beautiful three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit right inside Purgatory Mountain Resort. This beautiful unit has views of Purg’s ski slopes and is near a great fishing lake, a community park and mile of trails to explore. With a private garage, a modern kitchen and an outdoor living area that overlooks the mountains, this property is the perfect vacation spot. Ready to book what will become an unforgettable trip? Take a look at the rest of our homes and reserve one today! We can’t wait to meet you.

Durango is beautiful all year round, but if you’re a lover of long walks in the cool autumn air or scenic drives through mountains covered in red and gold, you can’t miss seeing Durango in the fall. The best time to see the leaves change in southwest Colorado is typically between mid-September and early October. So book your fall getaway with us now, and check out this list of the best places to enjoy Durango’s fall foliage while you’re here!

Before you set out to enjoy the Durango fall scenery, indulge with a delicious meal! Download our free Vacation Guide to get our recommendations for the best restaurants in town. Our Vacation Guide has helped so many guests plan their trip in no time. Download a copy today to get started!


Our Favorite Places to See the Autumn Leaves in Durango


Cascade Creek

During the summer months, Cascade Creek is a popular spot for both locals and adventurous visitors, who hike through the creek itself and jump several waterfalls on the way down. In the fall, Cascade Creek transforms into a tranquil mountain escape, covered by beautiful fall foliage. The best part about the Cascade Creek area is that you can enjoy the stunning views from your car or on your feet. The Cascade Creek trail is located right off of Highway 550, 2.3 miles north of Purgatory. The highway winds through the mountains, giving even passersby a front seat view to some of area’s most gorgeous views. For those looking to get up close and personal, the hiking trail has a moderate rating and is a great destination for dogs. Check out this map before you head that way and you’ll be sure to have a blast!


Lake Vallecito

This stunning reservoir draws visitors to fish, hike, boat, horseback ride and more. Just like Cascade Creek, you can get gorgeous views of the fall foliage around Vallecito by driving the road that circles it or by choosing a walking path. There are several signs that mark suggested walking paths, which stay close to the water’s edge and offer plenty of great photo opportunities. This year-round destination is located just 18 scenic miles northeast of Durango. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Vallecito has endless, breathtaking views that the whole family will love (including the dog!). Plan your daytrip using this map and enjoy those one-of-a-kind views.


Animas River Trail

If you’ve been to Durango, you know about the wonderful walking and biking path the stretches from one end of town to the other. The Animas River Trail is a paved, seven-mile path that follows the river and connects the public library, downtown Durango and the famed Smelter Rapid behind Santa Rita Park. The river trail is easy to access at several different points and is good for getting from one place to another or simply enjoying the nature that surrounds it, from the foliage in the fall to the Animas River running swiftly alongside it. Not only are pedestrians, dogs and bikes welcome, but the trail also sees its fair share of rollerbladers. Some of the best parts of the trail to admire the changing, fall leaves are behind the public library and in Rotary Park. See the full map of the trail here.


Highway 160/Hesperus Area

A little bit off the beaten path is the quiet and beautiful Hesperus Ski Area, off of Highway 160 to the northwest of downtown Durango. It’s only an 11-minute drive and trust us when we say, every second is worth it to enjoy these views in the fall. This one is just as much about the journey as the destination. The highway hugs the mountains and has tall trees in every direction. In the fall, this drive is completely red and gold and will leave those who love fall in awe. If you head this way on a weekend, be sure to check out the Kennebec Café for a delicious brunch with no shortage of views.


Stay in a Rental Home from Durango Colorado Vacations

Are you ready to explore Durango’s beautiful fall foliage? Then book a home with Durango Colorado Vacations! We have an amazing selection of rental properties, from gorgeous estates to quaint cabins. No matter the reason for your visit, we’ll have the perfect accommodations for you.

Consider booking Cliffside Family Retreat, a beautiful five-bedroom, three-bathroom property that’s a perfect fit for the whole family—even the dog! Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and Electra Lake, this log cabin-inspired destination will feel like your home away from home. A few miles north of downtown Durango, Cliffside Family Retreat offers an escape from the ordinary with gorgeous mountain views and wide open spaces. This property is sure to please adventure and relaxation-seekers alike. Ready to book what will become an unforgettable trip? Take a look at the rest of our homes and reserve one today! We’re thrilled to have you.

Grab your crash pad and your climbing shoes! It’s time to go bouldering in Durango. Bouldering is a year-round sport in town. In the summer, the warm weather makes it a joy to be outside in nature. In the winter, the boulders become drier and are easier to grab. Find out some of the local hotspots for bouldering and where to stay during your vacation!

Don’t go bouldering in Durango on an empty stomach! Download our free Vacation Guide to get our recommendations for the best places to eat in town. From classic Southwestern fare to Asian fusion cuisine, you’ll find a little bit of everything in Durango! Plus, after you’ve spent your day bouldering, you’ll find our recommendations for great places to enjoy a beer or whiskey. Everything you need to plan the ultimate Durango getaway is in our free Vacation Guide! Download it today!

Go Bouldering in Durango

If you want to get a Durango bouldering guidebook, check out this website! It’s a fantastic resource for anyone new to the area who might be unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Durango bouldering. The guidebook is $24.95 and is a good purchase if you plan on visiting the area frequently.

Sailing Hawks Bouldering

Sailing Hawks is a wonderful year-round bouldering destination! It features a warm-up boulder, which is about 15 minutes from the parking lot, as well as a range of other, more difficult courses. There are some highballs (high boulders that involve more scaling) and overhanging spots. This course is about two miles from downtown Durango.

Turtle Lake Bouldering

The Turtle Lake Boulder Garden, a bouldering gym in Durango, is a great spot for groups of climbers of all skill levels. The boulders here range from easy to very difficult, and it takes about two hours to complete it all.

Golf Wall Climbing

While this isn’t technically bouldering, Golf Wall in Durango is an awesome challenger for any climber! This site is very popular, but it’s not an easy climb by any stretch. Located about 20 minutes from downtown Durango, this spot is best climbed in the summer and fall seasons.

Fume Wall

Fume Wall is another spot that’s not technically “bouldering,” but is still a fun climb. This is a fun wall for families to visit. There are some more difficult routes marked, as well as some paths that are perfectly suited for younger climbers.

Stay in a Rental Home from Durango Colorado Vacations

Are you ready to go on your Durango bouldering adventure? Then book a home with Durango Colorado Vacation! We have an amazing selection of rental properties, from gorgeous estates to quaint cabins. No matter the reason for your visit, we’ll have the perfect accommodations for you.

Consider booking Cedar Hill, a stunning four-bedroom, three-bathroom property that is pet-friendly! With stunning 360-degree views of the Rocky Mountains to the north and the Animas River, this home will be a paradise for any lover of nature. You’ll love spending time on the raised decks while observing the local wildlife or relaxing in the comfortably furnished bedrooms. Are you ready to book? Take a look at the rest of our homes and reserve one today! We look forward to having you.